Exemple de cv en anglais

Date : 01/03/2013

Les CV en anglais contrairement au français dépasse souvent une page et peuvent contenir jusqu'à 3 pages, ils sont en noir et blanc sans obligatoirement de photographie.

Le cv en anglais contient généralement ces informations

  • Personal Details
  • Work Experience
  • Career objective
  • Education
  • Training
  • Special Skills

Voila quelque traduction pratique pour un CV en anglais

CV = resume
Etat civil = personnal details
Né le = Born
Célibataire = Single
Expérience professionnelle = work experience
Formation = education
Langues = languages
Compétences spécifiques = special skills
Connaissances informatiques = computer knowledge
Centre d'intérêt = Interests
Job d'été = summer job
Stage = training period
Langue maternelle = mother tongue
Bilingue : bilingual
Anglais courant = fluent English

Exemple de cv en anglais

Contact Information
Email id.
Phone No. (Cell/home)

Career Objective:What do you want to make in your career? Which are your goals and the which qualifications will help you to carry out those? If you describe the well of objective the employer will find clearness in your thought.
Key Skills: The skills that you have and how they are related to the job you have applied for. This section will highlight your skills, experience in relevance with the job.
Experience: The present part of your summary will treat the professional experience which you have until the date.
You must provide information about the companies which you worked with, of designation, the period and the description of function.
Name of the company:
Job Profile:

Education: You must provide information about the educational level in the form of name of the degree, of name of the university, year of the going beyond and all the special achievements.

Additional Information: You can include qualifications of computer, certifications, courses related to work, etc in this section.

References: You can include qualifications of computer, certifications, courses related to work, etc in this section.

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